Telepractice --Second language and Bilingual children


Telepractice for culturally linguistically diverse students is something MLK provides because we specialize in bilingual language development. We have created specialized language modules designed to remediate children's difficulties when the first language is not English. Our technology supports quality long distance learning in whatever language is needed. Right now we are optimally equipped to provide it in Spanish. Telepractice provides us the opportunity to help you from a long distance model. and is beneficial to students, families and staff.

We have created parent friendly modules and those that can be worked with by teachers as well who interface with the student.

Within our student friendly modules that have a Spanish component are aspects of our parent literacy program that assist parents too with work the child needs to do and guides the parent to be able to help the child in SPANISH.

Our carefully crafted modules are designed to provide support to culturally linguistically diverse children in need of support in Spanish. We will shortly offer support in additional languages as well through telepractice. All materials are expertly designed with optimization of speech language and overall educational outcomes in mind.

Video and document review consultations are scheduled to begin this spring. This will include all types of review including of evaluations and educational placement of Ells-English language learners.

Remember, we are bilingual speech language pathologists -highly trained in second language acquisition and know how to apply it to help you figure out what your child needs and if he or she is struggling with English or truly presents with symptoms of a language disorder.


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