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We are expertly trained to conduct bilingual speech language assessments and to differentiate a struggling English language learner from a child with true language learning disabilities. For very often, children who do not speak English as a first language are misdiagnosed as being disordered when in reality, they are linguistically different and just need more time with English.

This helps to optimize educational outcomes as well as serves to reduce the amount of funding possibly used needlessly on special education when other forms of support are indicated.

Some of Our Services

Bilingual Speech-Language Evaluations (English/Spanish)

Direct Bilingual Speech-Language Therapy (English/Spanish)

Testing to identify a true Language Disorder vs. a  Language Difference

Evaluations of home language impact on student's development of English as a Second Language.

Second Language Analyses of a child 's language function in order to gather key information about their educational needs.

Consultative support services to educators (SLP/SLS/ESL/Sp-Ed) on working with second language learners of English

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