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What Does My Child Need?


Do you have a young child who is learning a second language?

Do you wonder what is the best instructional strategies to support his second language learning experience?

Do you need to know what is typical about learning a second language and what may be attributable to a true speech and language disorder?

We offer comprehensive systematic second and dual language analyses that provide an in depth analysis and description in a performance based fashion so that parents will:

CheckMark Know if their child is exhibiting typical or atypical symptoms of speech and language.
CheckMark Get advice and guidance that is research based about what to expect and what teachers and educators need to know to be able to support their child’s educational growth.
CheckMark Get detailed information about the competencies of their child as a second language learner.

We also seek to differentiate speech language disorder from difference in older children as well, and we are prepared and uniquely qualified to provide expert opinion and direction in this regard. Additionally, we are able to ascertain level, type of augmentative support needed for student, or if we pick up a true disorder, to recommend a series of recommendations designed to help the student access the curriculum through increased and improved language status.

Having the assessment and second language support will be an important step in ensuring other professionals have adequate info about your child's status, language, and literacy skills.

How do I have my child assessed?

To begin the assessment process, we first need a little bit of information. After you fill out the form below, an M-LK representative will get back to you within 24-48 hours and explain the next steps. Please note that there is no charge involved in filling out this form, and by doing so, you are not entering into any type of contract or agreement with Multi-Language Kids.

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