Interpreter Training Program

Do you work with interpreters? Do you often wonder if they are trained appropriately? Do you wonder how to train them or what qualities to look for in order to achieve optimal results in assessment or in intervention?

There are more and more children represented in our schools and patients represented in our hospitals for whom English is not the first language.  As bilingual personnel are not always available, locating a qualified interpreter often becomes paramount.

Deborah Chitester MS CCC SLP is a seasoned bilingual bicultural SLP is uniquely trained and qualified to offer a unique and comprehensive program to professionals faced with this challenge and saddled with this burden.  She has worked with many professionals and professional groups regarding the dissemination of best practices when working with interpreters for maximal testing and educational outcomes.  This is a critical aspect to be well aware of in order to assure maximal and valid results of testing and if appropriate, education.

The following topics will be covered within this training module:

  1. How to ensure the clinical/educational setting is free from contamination as a result of lack of sufficient knowledge on the part of the interpreter of the clinical process
  2. Without the necessity of the clinician speaking the client’s language, ways of ensuring effective rapport establishment is made with the client
  3. Issues and Topics of clinical-educational importance that must be explained and disseminated to the interpreter BEFORE engagement of his/her services takes place
  4. Common pitfalls to avoid when working with an interpreter
  5. How interpreters can contribute much to the process of collecting necessary ethnographic information during an assessment


We offer this training program to universities, professional groups and associations as well as public and private schools as well… The training module is best offered in two half day sessions for maximal carryover and mastery of material.

Please contact us for information on fees and registration procedures.

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