Bilingual Speech Language Therapy And Assessments

Bilingual Speech Therapy and Assessments:

We are expert bilingual speech language pathologists  and want to help you to determine if the child is language delayed or language different. This is due to our knowledge in the area of second language acquisition and our ability to apply it to difference from disorder of speech language issues.

We provide services in NJ, Pa and may be able to help you if you are out of our area. We are easily accessible to Philly, and NJ and counties near there --Delaware coming soon....

It is critical as early as possible to get a handle on what the child needs in terms of educational programming. Does the child exhibit symptoms of a linguistic difference or a true language disorder?

Our comprehensive testing will provide all the answers you need. It i critical to tease out the difference between a languge difference and disorder as soon as possible. This way, you have all option educationally option to you.

Expert use of the knowledge of second language acquisition to apply to comprehensive analyses of a child's educational needs are what we do best.

It is very important for educational placement and planning purposes to know if you are dealing with a language problem or difference as early as possible. Also, it is important to have this expertly done so that the right decisions and plan is implemented for the student, child and family as soon as possible.

We use linguistic features approach since it will assist the practitioner in the endeavor of differentiating language differences from disorder and will assist in doing a comprehensive second language analysis. As a result, you will know if the subject learner is exhibiting a difference or a disorder in language.

We can assist you in understanding what is a disorder and what is a language difference and are experts in this area. We have special knowledge in the area of second language acquisition.

Our reports are comprehensive and yield content rich information about what children who are learning English as a second language need and whether they have a disorder or exhibit a language difference. This is a very important distinction to make as it will dictate the course and type of educational decisions that are made.

We have experience working with children whose primary language is not English as well as Internationally adopted children as well.

We are able to detail the type, extent and nature of educational programming that may benefit an internationally adopted child, a struggling English language learner or any culturally linguistically diverse child.

Our expertise extend to the comprehensive differential diagnosis of speech language differences from disorders by applying our knowledge of second language acquisition to the literacy and language development of the second language child to determine if the child is struggling with English language  development or is experiencing a true speech and language disorder.

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We can work with you where you are...

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We do provide services including comprehensive assessments in Pa and NJ and can provide consultation services to other families out of our area. Please contact us for more information.

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