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Description of services:

The intent and mission of MLK is to provide educational programming inclusive of a curricula consistent with second language acquisition facilitation a reality for young children 0-6 years of age who may otherwise not receive the English input they need and from which they benefit before entering into the public schools.

Teachers will be trained in the founder’s Linguistic features approach analysis tm and be equipped with this background as they enter their programs to support second language acquisition of English. They will additionally be trained in how to implement Language augmentation programs as well. The LFA analysis contains within in language specific information to provide teachers, educators the features of the languages they will confront in their classes. Cultural informants will additionally be trained in this regard to support with language models when needed representing various language backgrounds.

These programs will be for children 0-6 years whose language backgrounds differ from English as the primary language at home.

Additionally, there will be a parent literacy program designed to equip diverse parents with culturally relevant information as to what literacy is, how children acquire literacy and how to go about facilitating it.The program called beyond Hola—Beyond hello tm—can eventually be translated into other languages so it is accessible by other cultural groups. It will focus on dissemination of information to diverse families about what literacy is and how to support literacy development within their children and for their children from the time the children are born across their academic careers.

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