Internationally Adopted Children

Internationally adopted children come from many countries including China, Russia, Korea, Guatemala, Ukraine, India, Costa Rica, and many other countries of the world. No matter which country the child is from, adoptive parents have questions about language development.

Unlike feeding, crawling, or other abilities that develop continuously before and after adoption, internationally adopted children have to switch their learning over to a new language quickly and sometimes without the support that is optimal.

Multi-Language Kids provides services for parents of internationally adopted children who seek accurate information about their child's developmental, cognitive and speech and language status. This is why having a comprehensive, detailed evaluation of language strengths and weaknesses is so critical. Here at Multi-language Kids, we are expertly trained to provide professional assistance in this area.

Internationally adopted children also are children whose levels and skills may not be coded accurately and thus may needless receive services too restrictive in nature.  Additionally, they may require an augmentative approach which seeks to improve their ability to learn English, or to improve language skills overall.  Our uniquely crafted Linguistic Features Approach has been shown to adequately address this as well.

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