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Bilingual Services and Language Programs for Kids.

Multi-Language Kids (MLK) provides educational programming inclusive of a curricula consistent with second language acquisition facilitation a reality for young children 0-6 years of age who may otherwise not receive the English input they need and from which they benefit before entering into the public schools.



The online program will kick off shortly...BTT for kids age 2 and up online..Details as to how this new bilingual playgroup curriculum will help your children learn both English and Spanish will be posted shortly...

Our Mission

To improve the educational status of culturally and linguistically diverse children and to additionally provide access to their parents the uniquely created parent literacy programs designed to foster an ability within them to support their cihldrens' literacy and language development.


Discovery News

Babies who hear two languages regularly when they are in their mother's womb are more open to being bilingual, a study published this week in Psychological Science shows.

 Read The Full story:    http://news.discovery.com/human/babies-language-bilingual.html


E-Book Teachers-Educators Guide on Working with Spanish Speaking Children   LearnMore

Many teachers across the continental U.S. are confronted with the task of needing to know how to speak SPANISH. Should they invest in a full blown Berlitz program in order to learn Spanish? What are some of the other options? We have some exciting news for you...


Medicare Part-B Certified Provider

Multi-language Kids (MLK) is now offering bilingual speech language services to those who have Medicare part B coverage for the treatment of speech and language services. LearnMore


Press Releases

Multi-Language Kids a new Non-profit whose mission it is to avail literacy programming to diverse children. Read more about the specialized service


Seeking Speech Therapists. OT's & PT's

Multi-language Kids is pleased to be a provider with Philadelphia Early Intervention. We will be offering comprehensive professional development to support and mentor professionals. At this time, we seek Bilingual Speech Therapists. OT's, PT's and Special Ed teachers with 1-2 years of experience working with 0-3 year olds and who have native like proficiency in languages such as, Spanish, Haitian Creole, French and Farsi to name a few and who meet the standards set forth by Early intervention. Please send a resume if interested and transcripts of college-graduate level work. This work involves home based visits in Philadelphia working with diverse toddlers, infants and their families.

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